Would you like to undertake, would you like to establish a new business, or perhaps winding up your company or making the final account of your settlement? We can help you how to do it. We can also give you some information how to start up with a new business. We are going to give advice, what type of enterprise would be the best to your aim. We are also going to give advice about the taxation.
We are going to ensure your whole book-keeping and what is more, we can do it in your office with our coputers and softwares. So you don't need to invest into information technology and your book-keeping can be delivered directly to your office.
Beside the book-keeping we can arrange the auditing of your accounts if you need.
We are going to prepare the obligatory Accounting Policy for you, including Money Management Policy,  Assets-Sources Inventory Policy, Accets-Sources Valuation Policy, Cost Accounting Policy. We are also going to update your existing out-of-date Policy, or modify the standard Policy, which is available on the market, to your own business.
Of course we can do your payroll calculation, including social insurance administration.
If you worry about official inquiry, accomplished by the tax office, we can also manage your affairs, be your representative and appear on behalf of your firm when you have problems to be discussed with the tax office or government agency.
We can also solve your electronic tax return.
If you are not aware of the hungarian tax law we can give assistance to You.
Would You like to update Your booking system? We can give You advice and technical assistance.
We can lay out and maintain Your webside.
In virtue of the database of bookkeeping, we can deliver  the necessary reports required by Your management. We can also make financial analysis and be your controller.

Our further services:

Making Tenders to Obtain Subvention or Credit.
Making annual business plan, business budgeting.
Business Software Advising.

Our services are provided to any type of business organisations (such as: Corp., Ltd. etc.) and of course  to personal undertakings, located in Százhalombatta, Érd, South-Buda, Pest County  and in other townships located up to 40 kms far from Szazhalombatta.

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