About Us

The AGRO-INVOICE Professional Bookkeeping and Consulting Ltd. was founded in 1994.

Our colleagues are certified and registered Chartered Accountants with more than twenty years of experience in bokkeeping and economy. We have liability insurance. We have experience both in the field of corporate enterprises and small businesses both in English and Hungarian languages.

We are dealing with bookkeeping as a service, tax consulting, wording and preparing the necessary accounting policies, software consulting mostly in the field of introducing, adopting and running business software.

The most important requirement for having up-to-date information about your business is using professional integrated business software, which is getting more and more important nowadays. We are going to find you the most suitable one, we are also going to help you to adopt and install it by taking into consideration your local business speciality.

We are willing to assist you to organise and establish your own booking and controlling system, rendering help to your firm in order to create the business management system, lending you a helping hand in bookkeeping and drawing up and approving your annual balance sheet report. We are also manage your affairs, be your representative and appear on behalf of your firm when you have problems to be discussed with the tax office or government agency.

Upon your request we can accomplish our service in your office.

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